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What if your special day is made more beautiful with lots of mind-blowing ideas and adding up more fun-filled stuff isn’t it? Yes, here V R Wedding planners, Artist Management Company in Delhi NCR, wherein we provide various artists by coordinating with a specific group of Artist managers and running the event beautifully. We coordinate with various artists and musicians to make the event more colorful, and lots more. The Artist Management Company in Delhi NCR is most of the professional organizations that continuously coordinate with upcoming, trending music artists.

Their main role is to arrange, coordinate meetings with prospective clients. Due to which, the artists can perform in various events by showcasing their talents/skills. Weddings are incomplete without musical events or without any musical artists too. In general, the public reaches out to the companies in terms of filling their wishes and making the day memorable. However, it’s suggested that on a prior basis, it’s better to book on the services before and coordinate with them. And also one of the most important facts to be considered is the prices differs in these companies based on numerous factors. Such as Location of the event, type of the event. Added to it, it also depends on the artists hired for the event and number of days the event happens. Our company as a Celebrity Management Company In Delhi NCR offers various services for various events like Wedding events celebrity, corporate events celebrity, Trade fairs and theme parties and Birthday parties too. The artists who make the events memorable are Singers, TV stars, Anchors, DJ band groups and lots more. The price range differs as per the type of the artists we hire or needed for the event we love. Hence, it’s always better to book in advance to hire for the services you need for your party.

Why VR Wedding Planners?

“As An Artist Management Company In Delhi NCR”

We are VR wedding Planners, Celebrity & Artist Management Company in Delhi NCR existing for 2 decades. Here we are to work and cherish your special moments and bring in your dreams come true. We work smart and hard to build a relationship with the clients and manage the events as per their budget requirements. We not only specialize your wedding event & Decor, but we also specialize in managing the artists and celebrities and organizing them for their presence on your special days. We are the Unit of “PISCEAN 9 EVENTS” wherein we plan, execute and provide you with the best resources and contacts too. 

As a Artist Management Company In Delhi NCR Or Celebrity Management Our major focus is on the continuous application of our views and thoughts and brings in the unique & innovative approach for event planning and management. Since we exist for around 2 decades, we now have a huge connection with the artists/celebrities and provide you with unique, exclusive event planning. Let it be your interest, based on the type of event, we also suggest the list of celebrities and artists that grace your occasion and bring in the client relationships stronger. Hence, choose us and book in advance for whatever type of events to be brought up amazingly.

Types Of Artists & Celebrities We Provide:

As an Artist Management Company In Delhi NCR, we provide you with various services for the events as mentioned earlier. Based on the type of event, it’s suggested to book the artists in advance. We provide you Musicians, Celebrity to make the day more special, Motivational speakers and as well as we deal with Reality show performers too.


On the most auspicious and memorable day, what if a group of musicians/artists make the day more colorful and happier too. Yes, we have a Music /artist manager who takes care of managing the bookings and setting the party in pace. The event can be made much more beautiful with a group of singers or rappers with a collection of songs. This can be done based on their self-interest or as per the audience interest. There would be a dedicated team in organizing the events and major focus is on developing smooth, friendly relationships. Not only this, but we also make the event day much more colorful, amazing with Live bands, orchestra based on the way or type you need.

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Not only the Artist management company, but we also deal with Celebrity management. Yes, most of the people nowadays need their special day to be filled with their lovable celebrities and lots more. Let it be, if you wanted an Actor/Actress to just make their presence on the stage and wish you that can be done. Not only that, starting from discussing with them about the booking until they come to the event, everything is taken care of by us. It’s up to you to decide if you want to make the day much more special with Bollywood celebrities, Comedians to make it more fun-filled or even we can manage TV celebrities too. Hence, do visit us in advance for best services to be delivered to you.

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If you have conducted an Entrepreneurship program or Annual day celebrations in your organization or school, you might think about opting for a Motivational speaker, isn’t it? Not only those types of events, even in colleges to motivate the students further on their studies and lots more, but we also arrange Motivational speakers to enlighten the event. Yes, we can manage the best motivational speakers to make the event more thoughtful and make it much better and worthful.


Most of the people even are fond of Reality show celebrities to meet up and share their love etc. Yes, we as a Celebrity management company can organize Reality show performers based on your interest, love you opt for. Let it be a Documentary film to be showcased or a Lifestyle related, Legal, Social experiment shows too, we can organize well and deliver the best services. We will do your help to find the best artist & celebrity for your event.

Celebrity Management Company in Delhi NCR

We are one of the top most Celebrity Management Company In Delhi NCR. As a celebrity management company, the relationship between a Celebrity and their manager is the most important and eminent one. The manager’s job is to bring out the talent of an individual and manage it accordingly. The main goal of Celebrity management is to be completely 360 degrees and bring out a personal brand. It also involves Portfolio management, how digital presence can be managed, Grooming etc. And also involves how physical appearance, etiquette, public relations can be organized and managed well. Added to it, the most important focus is to convert their values or brands into an enhancing brand fit. This celebrity management is of high value and needs to be managed in a very good way. We are one of the leading Artist Management & Celebrity management company in Delhi NCR. We act as one point of contact for celebrities. The management involves many functions which are managing films of them, brand endorsing, and some admin related work too.  And we also take care of their appearances in Big screens, majoring into public relations and engaging with the audiences. It’s always harder to contact them directly, so here we are providing you at your event in a unique way. We manage and organize the celebrities from all the streams. Hence, booking in advance of your interest would help us well in making the event more unique and memorable.

We Arrange Famous Celebrities for these Events:

As now you know, what Celebrity management we do is, we also organize celebrities for various events like corporate events, Wedding events & Wedding ceremonies. Added to it, we also organize and manage for dealers/meets, Inauguration, Awards/functions, National & International shows as well as for Birthday parties too. If you are working in a company and have arranged for a corporate event, like Annual awards & recognition or a Fun-filled organized event, we are here to bring in the celebrities at your event. Yes, based on the type of events, will organize celebrities and make the events more meaningful and thoughtful. 

Not only that, but Wedding also is a special day for every human being and what if your favorite lovable celebrity makes his/her presence and makes it beautiful. Let it be taking pictures with the Bride/groom or dancing with you and lots more. All come out with a well planned and organized way. Let it be a professional Dealers meet or an Inauguration of a School or a company, we make sure the celebrities present the event and start the event in a very beautiful, incredible way. It is your favorite celebrity and you think it would be very lucky if their presence is there, we will make it happen. Not only that, even Birthday parties or for any International shows, or Music/dance concerts, we arrange different artists based on the niche and their unique style. Hire VR Wedding Planners for your weddings, one of the leading Artist Management Company in Delhi NCR as per your budget and choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a company existing around 2 decades, we have worked with almost top Bollywood Artists and celebrities gracing the occasion. I can assure you the services provided will be the best and wonderful one and here are the testimonials I can show you for references.

Based on the type of the event to be organized, we have a complete well-structured way wherein we can manage the celebrities coming in and making the event much more graceful. If you can tell the type of the event and book in advance, based on it can deliver you the incredible services.

We as an Artist management company in Delhi & Celebrity Management Company offers you, various artists, like Musicians, singers as well as Reality show performers too. And also arrange celebrities for different events like corporate events, wedding events, Awards/functions, Birthday parties etc. Feel Free to contact us we will be more than Happy to help you.

Can’t wait for the perfect day? Communicate with us today for the Artist of your wedding event and other event information through your free VR Wedding Planners website. 

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