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If you are hosting a big wedding function such as a wedding ceremony or a sangeet, or a small function such as pooja or a Mehndi, one thing is for sure-you need decor! Often you search on Google – Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR. You’re searching ends here. But having a place to look festive, vibrant and stunning is time-consuming, frustrating and costly-so we have come up with a solution at VR Wedding Planners & Decorators. If you need decoration services for a most intimate ceremony environment or a grand formal reception, at the venue of your choosing,

VR Wedding Planners will design and deliver a caring, friendly and cost-efficient decoration service. Adding stunning, thoughtful wedding decorations to your special day is a sure-fire way of giving your wedding guests (and yourself!) a fun and enjoyable experience. Indian weddings are also renowned for their beautiful, extravagant decor, as well as delicious food. Finding the right Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR will really take the event to the next level and help make the dream come true. For your special events, VR Wedding Planners & Decorators provides the resources you need to review rates, submit quotes, and find the best wedding decorators: ceremony, Sangeet, reception, mehndi and more. Check out these fun Indian decor ideas for an awesome wedding and basic wedding stage decoration ideas, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

VR Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR | Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR

Why VR Wedding Decorators in Delhi NCR

Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR

Weddings we understand. We’ve written about and featured weddings for more than a 2 decades. It is love for us. This is our Life. We are fully focused on giving our readers the best of wedding news, trends and tips, we have the best team in the business and we are fortunate to be partnering with digital-savvy advertisers. We are one of the leading & Best wedding decorators in Delhi NCR since 2000. We are a motivated wedding enthusiasts team working through wonderful goods and excellent customer support to create a new way of wedding planning. We love what we do and we help you prepare your wedding like a loved one!

Assisted Planning

A professional wedding manager to answer all your reservation questions and negotiate with vendors to get you the best deal

20+ Years Experience

Established through verified vendors, backup insurance & resolution of disputes. We have more than 2 decades Wedding experience.

State-Of-Art Technology

To get the best ideas & perfectly balanced sellers according to your needs & budget. We have skilled team for dream wedding decor.

Focus On Creative Work

We do all the unproductive stuff for you, so that through our creativity you can concentrate on enhancing your wedding experience!

“Exquisite Wedding Decorations to Enhance the Celebrations.”

When choosing your Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR, it might be beneficial to incorporate additional elements to complement and improve what is already available at your location. Adding additional wedding lightings, such as twinkling mini-light strings or sparkling candlesticks, can be particularly successful in taking on an ordinary setting and turning it into one with an unforgettable, romantic atmosphere. It can bring your dream to life from large light fixtures to rustic lanterns, wedding decorators and lighting professionals. One item of decoration which is often ignored is wedding signage. It can be useful, as well as being a fun and imaginative feature of wedding decoration. You may also be supported by the right Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR along with flower decorators & Party decorators to design and prepare wedding stage accessories, table decorations, chair coverings and sashes, floral arrangements or traditional wedding centerpieces. Be sure to read our feedback online while building your sales team.

VR Wedding Decor by Functions

Every great marriage has a theme to it. This might be dictated by a color, an era or even centered on the style of the venue itself. Including a Royal theme, Arabian night, Rajwada theme, Gatsby night, Casino party, or Bollywood-inspired sangeet, tropical Hawaiian Mehndi theme, and Magical Vintage garden theme Reception; we’ve got everything. We’ll introduce you to the most new and creative decoration concepts, or else we’ll work with any theme you’ve envisaged. Getting a theme wedding makes your event completely special and one that stands out from Indian weddings that is normally uninspired. The Decor of your wedding can be expressed in invitations and paperwork, dress code, decoration and installation, entertainment, lighting, music, food, etc. Whether it’s a midday Mehndi function or an evening Sangeet session, there’s one thing that can magically render any wedding event-the Wedding Decoration! That’s why, with modern and elegant wedding decor and lighting ideas, we give our guests the perfect match for their event style.

Wedding decor is one of the most significant features of a big day for a couple around the world. Traditional Indian marriages are as diverse as they occur despite India’s myriad regional cultures. The decor at any celebration should preferably match with the service, theme, and location of any event, from a white wedding to a red-themed phrase in or a minimalistic Anand Karaj. With multiple events held at a single Indian wedding, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with decoration, but the wide variety of options and Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR can cause uncertainty about what and who to choose. To have a theme at your wedding you don’t need to have a large budget. We have plenty of fun, quick and low-cost ideas to make your wedding truly tailor-made and custom made.

Weddings Décor

Wedding is one of the most personal affairs in one’s life. For a cherished memory, we support you to perfect your beautiful moments.Element is designed to the smallest detail from a traditional red themes

Receptions Décor

The grand wedding celebrations conclude with a lovely wedding reception. For your ceremony, you can opt for topics like floral extravaganza, cherry blossom or a classic retro-chic style by VR Wedding Decor.

Party Décor

A big phenomenon today is party decor. Like: Birthday Party Décor, New Year Party, Festivals Party Upon top designs such as Surreal Cirque to a Bombay Adda theme upgrade the whole venue’s vibe!

Mehndi Decor

In wedding functions, the Mehndi ceremony has special importance and meaning. With themes ranging from Aztec to kitschy to pastel-hued, this family affair is also the most enjoyable and vibrant of all activities.

Engagement Décor​

A dreamy engagement ceremony is an ideal feature you need for your pre-wedding. This role sets the stage for all other marriage festivities. All types of ceremony decor  we provide you as per your choice.

Sangeet Décor​

A nice evening before all the wedding festivities starts! For your Sangeet venue, We creates an intricate and lavish décor. With topics such as Bollywood night, pop art luxury theme, carnival theme and enchanting forest Etc.

Themed Brunch Décor

Add vintage charm to your wedding feasts with a brunch-themed polo match. A revolutionary idea which will create an unforgettable experience for all of your guests. We provide you all types of theme brunch decor.

Pool Party Décor

Epic pool party bash fills your soiree with anticipation, thrill and fun. You can never go wrong on your wedding pool party with the perfect mix of mouth-watering food, lively foot tap music! Nice way to kick off wedding celebrations!

Flower Decorators in Delhi NCR

The flowers are supposed to express emotions. Flowers are still a significant part of some sort of case. Making your wedding ceremonies a picture-perfect experience, worth recalling with elegant, stylish and beautiful wedding floral style ideas! More than just offering a glittery brush, VR Wedding Planners & Decorators’ wedding flowers become part of your wedding due to careful preparation and meticulous execution. As an Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR, we are one of the leading flower decorators in Delhi. Most notably, we are giving you a beautiful collection of elegance from one of the best Flower Decorators in Delhi NCR. VR Wedding Planners &  Decorators is giving you a beautiful collection of luxurious wedding flower decorations in Delhi. If you’re looking for party celebrations decoration, home decoration, vehicle decoration, stage flower decoration, pre-wedding festivities decoration or devotional decoration, VR Wedding Planners is a one-stop destination for all the luxurious flower decoration that revolves around weddings and their excitement! Flowers are still a big part of the ceremony. The beautiful wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets are the right touches for your weddings.From new wedding floral designs to traditional wedding flowers, trust one of the best flower decorators in Delhi NCR. Get your wedding as grand and glamorous as you want it to be! If you want to replicate the magic of silver screen for you or need something as minimalistic as a church wedding, or your preference is to miss the dazzle and simply want to go for a lavish wedding reception, VR Wedding Planners have you covered by taking care of all your needs related to the wedding flower decorators of Delhi NCR.

VR Party Decorators in Delhi NCR

If you’d like to get a personalized gift, captivating flower designs, or a surely inspired decoration in your party, we’ll bring together our excellent efforts to make it an experience that’s a way to last all the time. From floral influences and paper decorations to enchanting pastel lanterns or colorful designs, you’ll find fantastic things in your party decor. Being one of the most remarkable offerings for Party Decorators in Delhi NCR, our party decorations help to set the tone appreciably; tailored party decoration pieces add a personalized effect, and esthetically crafted pillars and columns add a touch of style. Being the master of the ability to coordinate complex and thrilling activities, at VR Wedding Planners & Decorators, we tend to create moments of natural pleasure and long-lasting recollections for the hosting families as well as the valued guests. Our devoted team of party decorators will make the party venue for you and esthetically enchanting spot with the following party ornamental items that are beautiful color combos, excellent lighting designs, cohesive flower accessories and clever furniture designs. VR Wedding Planners provides a unique range of party decorations to match each style, color and design. Our talented Party Decorators paintings with a vision to plan and organize party occasions incorporating current patterns and client interests, offering a satisfactory shape. Our group of Party Decorators in Delhi NCR will make sure you and your guests are enjoying your party day and raising the roof with your guests. You just have to get away with the burden of lighting and esthetic arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a myth that a wedding decorator is expensive! Our offerings are personalized to suit your schedule. Our robust vendor network means that you get the best offers that suit your budget. For the benefits and savings in terms of time, resources and energy you’re going to make, you’re going to be able to recover the cost of recruiting us.

Yeah, we specialize in being the wedding decorators in Delhi. With our experience in wedding planning and architecture, as well as our growing network of local vendors and industry partners, we will connect to any place of your choosing to build your dream wedding.


We have a network of trustworthy vendors and collaborators to organize every case & help us to deliver the best services as flower decorators & Party decorators. They are the manufacturers for which we have partnered over the years to deliver premium goods and services while being the best wedding decorators in Delhi. However, in case you have a preference for a specific vendor of your choosing, we are open and willing to collaborate with them.We have a network of trustworthy vendors and collaborators to organize every case & help us to deliver the best services as flower decorators & Party decorators. They are the manufacturers for which we have partnered over the years to deliver premium goods and services while being the best wedding decorators in Delhi. However, in case you have a preference for a specific vendor of your choosing, we are open and willing to collaborate with them.

We suggest that you hire your wedding decor as soon as you start planning your wedding and pick your vendors, including the venue before you begin. However, we have been employed by couples who already have their premises in place, and may even have finalized vendors. It is never too late and never too early!

We aspire to make your ceremonies full of moments of auspice and stylish auras. Our special Indian wedding decorations invoke optimistic feelings, while our attention to detail and texture and color sensitivity turns concepts into a feast for the eyes. We plan and build unforgettable events where you and your guests will experience elegance and refinement based on our vast expertise. With a sparkling team that has plenty of in-depth experience in wedding decoration in Delhi NCR, we make your events have everything you need – exclusive tenting, friendly flower decoration, elite themes, and spectacular light effects. Any event we plan is designed to fit the style, taste, desire, necessity and most importantly the budget of the company.

Can’t wait for the perfect day? Communicate with guests today the theme of your wedding decoration and other event information through your free VR Wedding Planners website. Hire VR Wedding Decorators In Delhi NCR to make your wedding more elegant with flowers and other beautiful things.

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