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Without the requisite time and local expertise, it may be a daunting proposition to plan a destination wedding. As your destination wedding planners in Delhi, India we understand that due to time constraints and job responsibilities, our clients often tend to avoid overloading themselves with preparing their dream wedding from afar. VR Wedding Planners specializes in handling all such occasions; from small, casual family gatherings to large, lavish celebrations: 

weddings are the only thing we do! Our team as luxury wedding planners will prepare your entire wedding from site bookings, vendor operations to final design and execution. We provide a personal service, which will accompany you not only on your initial preview of potential venues but also on all future visits and for the duration of your wedding, guaranteeing absolute commitment to you.

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Why Choose the Best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi, India?

If “Marriage is made in Heaven & Practiced on Earth,” then we at VR Wedding Planners try our best to conduct Marriage as in Heaven by organizing Destination Wedding as the Top Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi, India. Destination Weddings make a fairy tale out of the most memorable and unique day of your life that will be memorable. VR Wedding Planners, Destination Wedding Planning is our best expertise. So if you’re planning a wedding destination, let us enrich your wedding experience with our skills and great execution. We offer a wide variety of services, from full-service concept and implementation to wedding day coordination; and you can be as involved as you want us to be. Our wedding planners are like your own personal concierge and we also pay for ourselves with the money we save you with our experience of Destination Wedding Exclusive Rates.

Whether it’s a Cruise Wedding with beautiful waves or desert serenity by Desert Wedding or a vibrant sea in the form of Beach Wedding, we bring your entire dream wedding theme to life through a great Destination Wedding Planner in Delhi. Our experts will figure out the best setting with peace of mind for a Hawaii based wedding or adventure by scuba wedding, hot air balloon wedding and aero plane wedding etc. We have made our best and most sincere attempts to recognize the true meaning of your perfect wedding venue as your wedding planner. Our wedding planners cleverly use delight, glitz and glamour and grandeur to create an amazing wedding experience. Whether the wedding theme, the size of your reception, the exclusive location of your reception organization, lets you spend your big day in style with your friends and family.

Core Services of Destination Wedding Planners

VR Wedding Planners are professional destination wedding planners in Delhi providing a wide range of wedding planning services that cover all facets of wedding planning from conception to honeymoon planning, wedding planning services in India, as well as any exotic destination of your preference.

Destination Wedding Décor

If you’re hoping to have your wedding spot by the beach, the mountains or the sky slopes, VR Wedding Planners is helping to improve the romantic atmosphere of your wedding venue with impeccable Destination wedding decorations. With our exclusive designs and ideas, no matter where your wedding takes place, one of our decor themes is sure to match your style! From Goa to Jodhpur, take a look at these beautiful wedding destinations that will help you love your wedding wanderings. We make sure that we’re giving you such an environment for your day that every guest of yours is amazed by the experience. We believe in giving the bride and groom a dream atmosphere on their D day. Vr Wedding planners provide you best destination wedding management in India, as per your choice.

Luxury Wedding Planners

We guide our clients, a personalized service that takes care of all their wedding requirements. From a caterer serving mouth-watering delicacies to beautiful gifts, from sparkling lights to sassy shows, we are making all under one roof. Experts at VR Wedding Planning guarantee that no family details are muffled out. We also work closely with families to ensure that anything they need is discussed at the right time and with protection. From a tiny and private wedding to an exclusive ‘Big-Fat’ wedding, we’re both productive. Being one of the well-recognized wedding planners in Delhi NCR, we also offer services for exotic wedding destinations and more. Our wedding planner ensures that every aspect of the customer’s expectations is taken care of and ensuring that it is done with respect.

Destination Wedding Venues Booking

It’s also overwhelming and tiring to search out and finalize the right wedding location or destination that most of the wedding planning firms don’t do effectively. There are some strings attached to the this-the season in which you get married, the total budget and the supply of land. Keeping in mind these details, we, as the top destination wedding planners in Delhi, are working with you hand in hand and chalking out the place where your dream comes true. Whether it’s local or destination, from the beaches to the palaces to the backwaters to the hills, we can build magic everywhere with inexpensive wedding packages! Often, getting in touch with specific assets to get all that we need to make the best value out of it is not an easy thing to do. However, our years of experience and skills in destination wedding services make it really seamless and simple.

Destination Wedding Sources

Wedding is awesome because we have all our favorite friends indulged at the wedding to make it happen. With every special experience, we’re preparing for your wedding; we promise you that your guests will be absolutely relaxed and delighted with our wedding guest entertainment events. A fun gaming session during Mehndi or a celebrity artist who wows the people during Sangeet, or maybe poker tables to give us a gala time during lunch. With our wedding entertainment facilities, we will turn all of these concepts into reality in such a way that your guest will just go gaga about the entire affair. We assume that every wedding is incomplete without a collection of events, such as wedding party games and activities that will help you unwind entirely. Get relax and sit back, hire vr wedding planners to make most memorable your destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Vendor Management

The most time-consuming thing today, as wedding planning comes in the frame, is working with several vendors. We run the wedding and event vendor management service for you and make it look so straightforward that all you do is enjoy the special moments to the fullest. We chose vendors according to your wedding budget and theme. Our expertise in Wedding Vendor Management Service and Wedding Vendor Management Service gives us the advantage of learning the best in each industry. Right from the florist to the biggest designer or property selected as the venue, we are helping you work with both of them. Selection of suppliers, monitoring of work completed and fees, all falls under our responsibility and that, in effect, gives our clients the comfort they deserve.

Destination Wedding Package

Thought a wedding venue in an exotic location is also a dream-but it needs a bit more thought than just booking plane tickets and hotels! If you’re planning a wedding destination or attending one, we’re here to support you with smart resources and little hacks that promise a smooth and fun experience! Destination weddings are the next major thing that will happen to Indian weddings. Yeah, what’s better than a celebration and a holiday together with all your friends and family spent bathing in the sun and laughing in the pool while you’re partying and enjoying and chilling with your people? And the good thing is, all this doesn’t actually have to split your bank balances!

Destination Wedding Guest Management

Managing the visitors can be very overwhelming. In the middle of boisterous nosy aunts and shouting girls, your wedding day could quickly turn into a day at the boxing ring. Relax now! Let the VR Wedding Planners team treat your guests, not only on the D-Day, but all the way to your wedding destination. We take care of everything ranging from booking hotels, pre-check-in, choosing wedding souvenirs, arranging aid, preparing for accommodation and seating plans, menu and overall management, our staff will keep your guest list in mind throughout to ensure that your wedding is completed without any complications. If your guests are the first time to visit the country, they ‘d love to experience the traditional and cultural heritage of India, so we’ll make sure your guests get to see the different sights.

Beach Wedding Decoration

If you’ve always dreamed of sharing vows with your toes in the sand and the sound of waves rolling against the beach, all you need now is some beautiful sea-inspired décor to bring your imagination to life. Planning to tie the knot with the wind in your hair and sand all over the place? Well, the ultimate beach wedding decorations perfectly combine beauty and passion with the perfect backdrop. With a natural and tropical chic design, let our beach wedding decorators come together to bring your dream to life, our mission is special, to make your wedding day experience a walk in the breeze. We will make more memorable your beach wedding across the countries where you want to do. We will do all things as per your choice and budget, feel free to contact with us. we will be happy to help you.

Why choose us for luxury Destination Wedding Planners & Décor?

We are passionate about our work what we’re doing with our clients as a destination wedding planners.

We are destination wedding planners in Delhi with a fantastic spirit, commitment, elegance and determination.

We dedicate our resources to fulfilling every couple’s wishes, expectations, wishes, and interests for what we do.

We aspire to always do our best to have outstanding support. We are always to help you.

We have favored ties with specific service providers who are real experts in their chosen field for your help & to make it easy.

We provide extremely favorable prices and deal closely with couples to ensure that all needs are fulfilled.

We pay close attention to specifics with a keen interest in catching the distinctive look and personality of each pair.

We pledge absolute integrity, value for money and outstanding service to couple to make your wedding more memorable.

We’ve planned a variety of romantic wedding locations along with a lot of wonderful stuff across the countries as per your choice.

We provide 24-7 email and phone emergency assistance to our couples. you can coordinate with our team any time.

We support couples who are working on a schedule. We’ll design a wedding kit that’s perfect for you with your budget in mind.

We offer a range of exotic locations outside of hotel properties. We are connected with many more hotels for your dream wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you should do is make a suggestion from someone you trust. Other than that, you should ask at the type of expertise the planners have, their prices, their services, and the ethical soundness of the wedding planners in question.

Effective Destination wedding planners have a detailed knowledge of all wedding events, are aware of the client’s budget and are well aware of the client’s tastes and desires.


The duties of the destination wedding planners in Delhi include ensuring that all the various teams function in clear and efficient contact and planning to ensure that everything comes together smoothly and that the contingency arrangements have been correctly communicated in the event of an emergency, keeping the client’s budget in order.

VR Wedding Planners lets you select the right wedding planner for your case by making the details of the best wedding planners accessible on a single website. In short, VR Wedding Planners is your one stop destination for the best destination wedding planners in Delhi.

Can’t wait for the perfect day? Communicate with our team today to make your dream destination wedding planning and other destination wedding information through your free VR Wedding Planners website.

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