Luxury Destination Wedding Planners in Jaipur, India

Missing enough time and local information can be a daunting proposition to plan a luxury destination wedding in the most authentic locations. As your luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India, we understand that because of time limitations and job commitments our clients still prefer to stop overloading themselves by preparing their dream wedding from afar. VR Wedding Planners ensure that all those events are handled in an ideal manner; from small, casual family dinners to huge, lavish celebrations: the only thing we do is weddings! 

As luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India, our team will manage your entire wedding from website bookings, sale events to final design and execution. We provide a tailored package that would not only accompany you on your initial tour of prospective locations but also on all future trips and for the duration of your wedding, thereby pledging total commitment to you.

Why VR for Destination Wedding Planners & Décor in Jaipur?

  • We are passionate & serious about what we do on resort wedding arrangements.
  • We have planned lots of stunning wedding destinations together with lots of nice stuff.
  • We contribute our time to fulfill every couple’s wants, dreams, expectations and goals for what we do.
  • To provide excellent support to our clients, we make sure to a mile ahead.
  • We are luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India with a fantastic spirit, commitment, elegance and determination.
  • We have extremely competitive offers and collaborate with couples (and their guests) individually to ensure that all requests are fulfilled.
  • We support all clients who are committed to working & have less time for planning. With your budget in mind, we design a wedding kit that’s right for you.
  • We also preferred relations with unique service providers that are genuine specialists in their area of specialization.
  • We offer a range of exclusive locations outside of the hotel estate.
  • We provide 24-7 email and phone emergency assistance to our couples.
  • With a strong interest in capturing the distinctive look and attitude of each couple, we pay close attention to details.
  • We promise absolute integrity, value for money and outstanding service to every couple with whom we work.

VR Core Services as a Destination Wedding Planners

VR Wedding Planners are expert’s luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India providing a broad range of wedding planning services covering all facets of wedding planning, from conception to honeymoon preparation, wedding planning services in India and any luxurious resort of your choosing.

Destination Wedding Décor

If you intend on getting your wedding place in Jaipur’s royal heritage and excellent palaces, VR Wedding Planners will help you upgrade the romantic atmosphere of your wedding venue with impeccable wedding decorations. With our exclusive designs and concepts, one of our themes for decoration is sure to complement your mood wherever your wedding takes place! Look at these gorgeous wedding destinations from palaces to resorts to make your wedding wanderings fun. We ensure we send you such an atmosphere for your day that every guest of yours is delighted by the encounter. We excel in giving the bride and groom a wonderful experience on their D day.

Luxury Wedding Planners

We direct our clients, a customized service that takes care of all their needs for the wedding. We bring it under one roof from a catering service which serves delicious flavorful culinary delights to exquisite presents, from bright lights to sassy presentations. Experts at VR Wedding Planning say there is no combination of family details. We also work closely with families to ensure they are discussing everything they need at the right time and with respect. From a tiny private wedding to an extravagant ‘Big-Fat’ wedding, we are all creative. We also offer services for exotic wedding resorts, and more, as one of luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India. Our wedding planner takes care of every aspect of the needs of the client and ensures everything is done with respect.

Destination Wedding Venues Booking

Locating and finalizing the right wedding venue or location that most wedding planning firms don’t do successfully is often overwhelming and tiring. The season you get married in, the final allowance, and the availability of land, there are certain strings attached to that. Given these details, we, as the luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India, are working in conjunction with you to map the place where your dream comes to fruition. If it’s local or destination, we can build magic from the resorts to the palaces to the backwaters to the hills, with stunning wedding packages! Even getting in contact with individual resources isn’t an easy thing to do to get what we need to make the best of it. But our years of experience and skills in at-destination wedding services make this very seamless and simple.

Destination Wedding Sources

Reception is beautiful and we’ve been indulging all our closest friends in making it genuine at the reception. We promise you that our wedding guest entertainment experiences will make your guests absolutely happy and delighted with every special event we prepare for your wedding. A fun Mehndi gaming session or a celebrity artist wowing the people during Sangeet, or even gaming tables to give us a gala time at lunchtime. We try to make all of these suggestions a reality with our wedding entertainment packages in such a way that your guest just goes wow over the whole thing. We think a wedding is incomplete without a sequence of events, such as wedding party games and activities that will fully allow you to unwind.

Destination Wedding Package

The most time-consuming thing today is working with several vendors as wedding planning comes up in the picture. We run the wedding and event vendor management business for you, and make it look so straightforward that all you do is just enjoy the special moments. We picked vendors based on your wedding budget and theme. Our corporate website with Wedding Vendor Management gives us the benefit of learning the best in the industry. For all of them, we allow you to partner right from the florist to the biggest designer or property selected as the venue. Supplier selection, job execution monitoring and rewards all fall under our responsibility, and that ultimately gives our clients the happiness they need.

Destination Wedding Vendor Management

While a wedding venue in an exotic location is still a dream, it needs a bit more thought than just booking a plane and hotel fare! If you’re planning a wedding venue or attending it, we are here to motivate you with smart tips and little hacks that guarantee a fun and seamless experience! The next big thing to happen to Indian weddings is to a wedding in the resort. Right, what’s better than a picnic and a holiday with all your friends and family enjoying soaking up the sun and playing in the pool while you drink with your people and rest and chill? And the good thing is, all this does not actually split the bank balances!

Destination Wedding Guest Management

Managing visitors can be particularly challenging. Your wedding day in the face of angry judgmental aunts and girls shouting out could quickly turn into a day at the boxing ring. Now please relax! Let the VR Wedding Planning team welcome your guests, not only on D-Day but all the way to your wedding venue. We take good care of everything from booking hotels, pre-check-in, choosing wedding souvenirs, arranging logistics, preparing the accommodation and seating plans, menu and general management, our staff will keep your guest list in mind and make sure your wedding is completed without any complications. If your guests visit the country for the first time to see the world, they’ll love to discover the historic and cultural heritage of India, so we’ll make sure your guests get to see the various sights.

Beach Wedding Decoration

If you’ve always thought of taking pledges in the sand with your hands, and the sound of waves rolling through the water, it’s everything you need to bring your imagination into reality now. Planning to tie the knot into your hair and spray all over the place with the wind? Yeah, the perfect beach wedding accessories combine the desired backdrop effortlessly with beauty and excitation. Let our beach wedding decorators come together to bring your fantasy to life in a natural and tropical chic theme, our mission is special in making your wedding day a walk on the beach experience. Feel free to coordinate with VR Wedding Planners & Team, We will be more than happy to help you.

Why Hire the Best Destination Wedding Planners in Jaipur?

Marriages are holy bonds that are made in heaven and take place on Earth, so we at VR Wedding Planners will do our best by planning Luxury Destination Wedding as your luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India. Luxury destination weddings make a wish come true and a fairy tale and will be the most exciting and unforgettable day of your life. VR Wedding Planners, luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India is our best expertise.   So if you’re seeking a luxury wedding venue let’s improve your wedding experience with our skills and wonderful outcomes. We cover a wide range of activities, from a full-service design and distribution to planning the wedding day; and you might be as involved as you would like us to. Our wedding planners are like your own personal guide and the money we save from our Destination Wedding Unique Rates experience also pays for ourselves.

As luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India, we are following a proprietary & comprehensive way of creating designs according to the agreed theme. Our expertise and professionalism in designing world-class wedding packages convince a consumer about the product’s quality. Our wedding planners cleverly use excitement, glitz and glamour and grandeur to create an amazing wedding experience. If it’s the wedding theme, the size of your celebration, the special place for your celebration company, let your friends and family celebrate your big day in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you should do first is ask someone you trust to make a decision. Besides that, you should ask about the kind of expertise of the planners concerned, their expenses, their resources and the ethical soundness of the wedding planners.

The roles of the luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India include checking that all the various teams work in close and efficient contact and planning to ensure that everything gets together smoothly and that the contingency arrangements are done correctly in case of an emergency, keeping the client’s budget intact.


Successful Destination wedding planners have a deep understanding of all wedding events, are conscious of the budget of the client and are well aware of the tastes and desires of the client.

VR Wedding Planners assists you to choose the right wedding planner for your case by attempting to make the details of the best wedding planner features  In short, VR Wedding Planners is your one-stop destination for luxury destination wedding planners in Jaipur, India

Luxury Destination Wedding Planners in Jaipur, India
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