Catering Services In Delhi NCR

From feasts to buffets, casual meals and picnic celebrations, Providers of Catering Services In Delhi NCR are the ones responsible for ensuring that the events are a success with the help of our premium partners like Seven Seas, Food Fiesta and Jain Caterers. After all, the food served at the wedding appears to be one of the key draws at any event. New Delhi is a food lover’s paradise; after all, the world-famous butter chicken was invented here. The dining experience here is of the highest quality and tends to lift the bar. With that in mind, we have partnered with premium catering services.

we are also serving top stars in the capital’s wedding catering industry if you’re preparing your weddings there. With 20 years experience of Catering Services In Delhi NCR, we are still at your disposal to have the finest catering for all of your important occasions by having strong ties with the premium caterers. With attractive pricing, impeccable quality, mouth-watering dishes and an impressive presentation, VR Wedding Planners has maintained its place as the Top Wedding Caterers In Delhi’s NCR. The first and foremost things that we consider are your choices and requirements. After having a thorough discussion with you regarding the food menu and ambience that you want, we present the food menu absolutely customized to your needs. We deliver a wide variety of local, national and international cuisines that complement as well as delight your taste buds. 

Catering service in Delhi NCR

Why to Choose VR Wedding Planners

Professional Approach

We have a quiet and comfortable yet competent attitude to our activities, which we think makes our clients feel at ease. We give our full attention to all of our out-of-home activities, no matter how big or small, and one of our management teams will be on hand every step of the way.

Quality Ingredients

Anything you want, from our, tried and tested recipes to your own family’s hidden recipe, we procure the freshest and best quality, most mostly organic produce from a broad support network of local producers. We provide our clients all Ingredients as per your guest choice.

Customized Menu

You’re special, and your menu should be special! Your happiness is our number one concern. Yeah, we’re giving you the right to do what you want! We’re designing a menu that represents your preferences, not ours. We provide customized menu as per your choice and test.

Hassle Free

With over twenty years of experience in event organizing and catering, you can relax. Our competent workers will ensure that the special event runs seamlessly and effectively. We provide you flexibility and new learning from our planning and organizational expertise. 


Please provide us with your special event budget and we will supply you with the best value of food and service. Our expertise, ingenuity and versatility help us to optimize your dollar with our food and service to fulfill your budget objectives.

Experienced Team

We’re going to oversee and run the entire event from start to finish, leaving you free to enjoy your event and play special host to your guests. Our style is very “hands-on;” we will oversee all the resources needed to make your event a success. 

If you’re looking for delicious appetizers, nutritious desserts, enticing vegetarian dishes or juicy non-vegetarian meals, we have a wide variety of options for every dinner. Even if you’re an aficionado of deserts, you’re in for a good surprise cause all our premium catering partners are simply amazing with providing a plethora of dishes that suits your taste buds. Serving a wide range of sparkling cocktails and tasty delicacies, our premium partners of waiters, chefs, cooks and other employees can provide guests with a luxurious dining experience. Rest assured, our Catering services in Delhi NCR will bring elegance and finesse to your celebrations and accentuate your already-pleasing atmosphere. At VR Wedding Planners, we give you the option to tailor your events as you see fit. Before presenting you with our comprehensive menu of Catering services in Delhi NCR, we appreciate your desires and expectations first. Offering tips, seeking feedback and sharing our experience, our wedding caterers in Delhi will help you prepare an exquisite affair.

Best Catering Services in Delhi NCR

Our catering partners who have vast menus provide a wide variety of elegant appetizers, excellent entrees, fantastic snacks and exquisite desserts that can please the most discerning palate. The professional chefs of our catering partners can appeal to a wide range of business activities such as company lunches, corporate events, group events, management gatherings, industry conferences, appreciation ceremony & farewell celebrations. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will meet and surpass your standards on your big day by perfectly collaborating with our premium catering partners. Our services are focused on sound planning and design, which allow us to address the unique needs of our clients. Sponsored by professional caterers and cooks, our premium catering partners also deliver hygienic and mouth-watering meals to our guests. In addition, we provide these programs at the most affordable rates.You want it to be right when you get married. We have 20 years of experience in preparing and catering wedding reception – each as exclusive and special as a bride and groom. Most of all, we make sure your friends and family are well taken care of, creating a genuinely unforgettable atmosphere for all. VR Wedding Planning provides the finest formal Catering Services In Delhi NCR. Prepared from new ingredients with the finest quality and treatment, our cuisine adds vivid vitality to the party. The most exquisite meals are cooked by our professional and qualified chefs. We are known for our exotic and gourmet dishes along with the traditional dishes.

Corporate Events Catering

If you’re organizing an important business dinner, a workplace luncheon, an employee appreciation celebration or an annual holiday picnic, we appreciate that there’s a lot to do with your choice of holiday caterer. You need corporate caterers who are on schedule, fairly priced and, most importantly, scrumptious food. Let us be your partner in the preparation of your corporate case. 

Luxury Wedding Catering

Marriage is the most meaningful day in the life in two cultures and two families where they share with their loved ones. VR Wedding Planners strives to add four moons to your special day with tasty and indelible meals specially presented and made by our premium catering partners. When you enjoy your day full, we ensure that both your guests and you, too, are well-fed and happy. feel free to contact with us.

Wedding Ceremony Catering

Let us help you make a success of your wedding. The professional chefs of our catering partners will help you prepare a meal that blends into a traditional wedding, a modern wedding, or something in between. We will work with any budget or theme to produce a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that your family will appreciate and enjoy for years to come. We here to help  you, feel free to contact us.

Birth Party Catering

Birthdays are something people of all ages should enjoy. If it’s your child’s 1st birthday or your grandfather’s 90th birthday, it’s time for a great party. Making the birthday party planning experience better with VR Wedding Planners’ birthday party catering. We along with our catering partners provide experience in delivering outstanding services for the organisation and supervision of Birthday Parties. Hire us and make your birthday party so beautiful as per your choice & according to budgets.

Cocktail Party Catering

Pleasant, Lavish, Thrilling! This is what a perfect cocktail party is meant to be. That’s why at VR Wedding Planners, we do whatever we can to create the confidence that we’re going to make a perfect event while you relax your senses and get placid. Our world-class catering facilities offered by our catering partner great menu of cocktails and an amazing array of trendy and modern flavors offer you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the festivities, assured that every last minute and minute detail has been taken care of.

Mehndi Ceremony Catering

Traditional Indian tradition of exquisite compositions, diverse colors and decorations, Mehndi is one of the most fun wedding activities, and of course food needs to balance the theme and the level of enjoyment. Trust on us to have the most vibrant and tasty food for an unforgettable mehndi ceremony. Mehndi ceremony is one of the most enjoyable moment in wedding. Vr Wedding Planners will your help to make it more beautiful. feel free to contact us any time, we will be more than happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food is one of the most common characteristics of a big fat Indian wedding. People may forget the lavishness of your wedding, but the taste of the kitchens continues to linger forever on their taste buds. Wedding catering needs an expense, a large part of the budget. As far as pricing is concerned, it depends on the products you want. The cost itemized depends on the aperitif and input options provided in the package. ‘Wedding caterers in Delhi also have products that depend on per plate costing. Choosing packages makes you save a lot of money. Wedding catering kits also include a variety of appetizers, vegetables, appetizers, desserts and drinks and fresheners. When you pick your caterer, ask your product quotes and sample menu to get a clearer understanding of Choosing bundles makes you save a lot of dollars.

Food is what improves the energy of the wedding. Guests getting ill after eating your wedding dinner are the last thing you’d like to do. To stop this glitch and check the reputation of your hired wedding caterer, check their certificate. Investing in wedding catering is a cost-effective option, and you certainly wouldn’t want your money to be lost in water by supplying your guests with poor food that affects their mood. Registered catering means that they have registered with the requirements of the state health department and hold the Liquor Liability Permits and Liquor Liability Policies.

The standard of food at a wedding is the most critical thing. You absolutely cannot pick a caterer on the basis of reviews and scores. You can’t judge the book by its cover, right! It is not necessary that only branded caterers serve good food, even caterers who fall within a budget will serve good food. Many caterers have sample food sampling to convince you of their consistency. If the caterer you prefer wants to do so, so replace the caterer and select the ones that have the taste experience.

Food plays a crucial role in making your festivities an unforgettable event; that’s why we consider it as our pride to offer you wedding catering services in Delhi NCR from some of the most famous catering establishments, at best prices. To better accommodate our guests, VR Wedding Planners has joined up with several wedding caterers in Delhi. This way we make sure the guests are given the finest wedding catering options. These goods add to the plate the flavors’ of various states and nations. Mughlai rice, Continental, Italian, North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, and Rajasthan – no matter what kind of cuisine you want, we’ll give it to you. Hire us as a Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR, We will provide you excellent Catering Services In Delhi NCR in your dream Wedding.

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